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Who We Are

The Institute for Studies in Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement is an NGO working in the field of diversity and inclusion for youth, women and girls and all persons with fewer opportunities. We are experts in the development of well-being and empowerment associated with accessible and inclusive education, employment, and entrepreneurship.

All INSIDE EU managers, employees and trustees are people with disabilities and fewer opportunities. This level of neurodiversity allows us to develop community-led initiatives that tackle the heart of social exclusion. We engage with the most marginalised people, empowering them towards active participation in employment, entrepreneurial, civic and democratic contexts. 

What We Do

INSIDE supports organisations to develop a strategy of Inclusive Inclusion rather than addressing people from marginalised backgrounds as target groups, or Exclusive Inclusion.

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INSIDE conducts EU-wide research into social exclusion trends of marginalised people, carrying out focus groups, Delphi studies and literature reviews to underpin the development of inclusive and accessible pedagogy and curricula that equip marginalised people with the tools to participate and achieve in society.

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Accessible Inclusive Education

We develop both digital and face-to-face inclusive and accessible courses and qualifications. Achievable learning outcomes through a spiral curriculum is the key to progression in education for people from marginalised backgrounds.  Our courses contain transferrable skills which focus on roles and responsibilities in the workplace, inclusion, and health and wellbeing in the fields of leadership, coaching, teaching and assessment.

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Erasmus Programmes

INSIDE participates in all fields of the Erasmus+ programme, writing and participating in projects that improve the lives of all socially excluded people. We offer unparalleled expertise in the embedding of inclusion into the learning experience, as well as a team of highly experienced researchers, facilitators and project managers. 



Financialit4women seeks to produce a targeted solution to address the lower levels of competence in financial literacy experienced by women, especially those who are NEET. It capitalises on the use of Game Based Learning (GBL) as a fun and engaging learning methodology. The incorporation of games into education is often more effective than traditional teaching methods in enhancing learning motivation, active participation, and concentration among students (Liu and Chen, 2013). In view of this, the partnership have produced a financial literacy curriculum, alongside an innovative, non-formal education-based toolbox to help and encourage educators and trainers to impart learning in financial literacy to women who are NEET. In addition to this handbook, the toolkit also comprises a digital game (accessed here) and a financial literacy board game.

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